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What is Denplan?

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist with over 6,500 member dentists across the UK and approximately 1.8 million patients. Bradley Shorthouse are an approved supplier of Denplan payment schemes.

Spread your payments

Sometimes it can be difficult to pay for your dental treatments all in one go so Denplan provides a simple and convenient way of spreading payment for your routine dental care. The concept behind Denplan allows us to charge you an agreed monthly fee, which provides you with regular examinations, treatment, preventive care and advice.

Why choose a Denplan payment scheme

Going to the dentist regularly is important, so problems are found and dealt with before they cause pain or need costly treatment. If you see your dentist regularly not only will it maintain your oral health but it can prevent:

  • Gum disease – caused by a build-up of plaque which, in the worst case, can lead to loss of teeth
  • Mouth cancer – incidences of mouth cancers have increased 41% over the last ten years
  • Dental emergencies – the better the state of your oral health the less likely you are to suffer a dental emergency

You can choose from plans which include:

  • Dental injury and dental emergency cover
  • Routine and restorative treatment

Who is suitable?

We can offer a range of payment plans to suit all budgets and individuals, but we can also offer tailored plans to suit the following groups:

  • Schools
  • Companies
  • Employees

How to sign up for Denplan

Simply contact us to make an appointment and we will guide you through all the available options and help you choose a plan to suit your individual needs.

We can help

Spread your payments and sign up for Denplan now!

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