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Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Positive oral hygiene

Did you know most cavities occur inside pits and fissures on chewing surfaces where brushing cannot reach food left trapped after a meal. This is why we promote positive oral hygiene habits to all our patients, as preventative care is fundamental to healthy teeth and gums.

A visit to one of our expert hygienists will help maintain healthy gums, fresh breath and the natural whiteness of your teeth. Furthermore, it ensure’s potential problems are spotted early, saving you money in the long run.

Sometimes just small changes to our oral hygiene habits can have a lasting impact on our health. Our hygienists will examine everything from your diet, brushing technique and the type of brush you use. Rest assured they will give you the best possible advice that is right for you.

A visit to our Hygienist includes:

  • Scale and polish.
  • Diet analysis.
  • Brushing habit analysis.

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  • Sarah Wall

    Sarah Wall


    Liverpool University 1995 – EDH|GDC Number:4928

    Qualified at Liverpool University in 1995 she started working at the practice in 2001. Sarah and her long standing partner have 1 child together. She currently carries out general hygiene within the practice.

  • Michaela



    Birmingham Dental Hospital 2015 – BSc|GDC Number:258015

    Michaela qualified from Birmingham Dental Hospital in 2015 with a BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. After qualifying, Michaela began working in three different practices to maintain and develop her skills. Michaela continues to attend courses nationwide to further her knowledge in her specialities. She has a fantastic approach to patient care and has a special interest in treating patients with periodontal disease, implants and also nervous patients. Michaela helps her patients to enjoy smiling more by removing stains and gives great advice to make brushing and flossing easier! In her spare time, Michaela loves going to the gym, socialising with friends and walking her little Chihuahua!


    Lisa Dunnaker


    Birmingham University 1990 – EDH|GDC Number:3948

    Lisa qualified at Birmingham University in 1990 and she is married with 2 children. Lisa joined our practice in 2006, and she currently carries out general hygiene.

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